Hector J. Arreaza, MD

Dr. Hector Arreaza was born and raised in Venezuela. He graduated cum laude from the Romulo Gallegos University Medical School in San Juan de los Morros. After graduating from medical school, he accepted a one-year position as a medical director in a rural clinic in Parapara, Guarico State, where he provided urgent, primary and emergency care. He left Venezuela for a two year mission in Salt Lake City, Utah. After completing his assignments, he decided to become a U.S. licensed family physician and moved to Salt Lake City where hevolunteered as a medical interpreter in various primary care and urgent care settings serving uninsured and refugee populations. He worked as a Spanish translator and helped with the translation of several health-related manuals and websites. Further, he was featured on BYU TV as a medical consultant. In 2013, Dr Arreaza graduated from the UCLA International Medical Graduate Program. He successfully completed a residency training at our own Rio Bravo Family Medicine Residency Program, where he was selected as the first Chief Resident in our institution. He is eager to utilize his medical knowledge and language skills in underserved areas of California.