The Rio Bravo Family Medicine Residency Program rotation Block Schedule is based on 13 four-week units, thematically organized into traditional areas of clinical disciplines. Core rotations are a combination of inpatient content solely at Kern Medical Center and associated outpatient complement in the Family Medicine Center at CSV.

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Postgraduate Year 1

Amna Fareedy, MD
   Yodaisy Rodriguez Acosta MD 
   Yodaisy Rodriguez Acosta, MD
 Ronal Gavilan Yodu, MD
Yunior Martinez Duenas, MD Yunior Martinez Duenas, MD



Postgraduate Year 2


Yoel Olazabal Pupo

Yoel Olazabal Pupo, MD

Ernesto Matos Perez
Ernesto Matos Perez, MD
Hamlett Garcia Pena
Hamlett Garcia Pena, MD
Matthew Beare
Matthew Beare, MD
Mark Rivera
Mark Rivera, MD
Jorge Palomino Vargas
Jorge Palomino Vargas, MD


Postgraduate Year 3

Arlenis Barroso Perez
Arlenis Barroso Perez, MD
Jasmeet Bains
Jasmeet Bains, MD
Olga Meave
Olga Meave, MD
Omar Salamanca
Omar Salamanca, MD
Rhett Pelaez, Jr.
Rhett Pelaez, Jr., MD
Verna Marquez
Verna Marquez, MD


Our First Graduates

Jose Balart
Jose Balart, MD
Hector Arreza
Hector Arreza, MD
Adan Romero
Adan Romero, MD
Rafael Chiquillo, MD
Fernando Palacios, MD

Cindy Her, MD